Author: Phil Lawlor

Soundview Brewhouse Scallop Dung

This is a fantastic beer I have heard about for a year, but never tried, Founders Dirty Bastard. It is a strong, not for the lightweights. It is crisp, malty, chocolaty dream.   Soundview Brewhouse Scallop Dung – Strong Scotch Ale (9E) Batch Size 5.128 gal Boil Size 5.878 gal Boil Time 60.000 min Efficiency 70% OG 1.089 FG 1.022 ABV… Read more →

Roasting Grains

I have been Roasting most of my own grains now for two years. After reading this site/book, I decided to take the plunge. Wow, it is easy! All you need is a nice iron skillet  ( I also use a flat baking tray with 1″ sides for large batches ) and some grains. I buy 50# sacks from my local group… Read more →

Brown Shugga

This is a tribute to my favorite, one and you’re done, beer. It is STRONG, not for the lightweights. Lagunitas Brown Shugga. Brewed only once a year, I shouldn’t tell ya, but it is only available in November/ December and sells out quick. Read more →

Irish Red

What is better than an Irish Red when the weather starts turning to summer? Soundview Brewhouse Irish Red – Irish Red Ale (9D) Brewer PML Date 2/22/13 Batch Size 5.000 gal Boil Size 5.750 gal Boil Time 60.000 min Efficiency 71% OG 1.044 FG 1.011 ABV 4.1% Bitterness 22.4 IBU (Tinseth) Color 12.3 srm (Morey) Calories (per 12 oz.) 144… Read more →